TAG Nomination Resources

February 1 - March 4, 2013
TAG Nomination Period for K-12
The nomination period is earlier this year because testing also needs to take place earlier.  Please note that Parent-Teacher Conference dates are later than usual, so teachers will not be able to use that time to present the idea of TAG testing to parents.  (The forms needed for nomination are uploaded to this website.  See bottom of page.)

March 5

All packets are due to schools

March 11
TAG Advisor sends list of your building's nominated students & packets to TAG office

April 15-May 10
Testing Dates
Parents, teachers, secretaries, principals, counselors and TAG advisors will be notified of dates, times and transportation for testing.  We are using the CogAT - version 7 this year.  It is an updated version and is supposed to better for our ESL students.

May 13
Testing results back to schools by May 13.

May 13-20
Building TAG Committee meeting between May 13-20.  Have students complete self-evaluation & autobiography before this time.

May 21
TAG Advisors return Case Study Profiles to TAG office.  Please include student autobiography, student self-evaluation, teacher recommendation letter, other supporting evidence, and building committee recommendation.

May 23
District TAG Committee meeting

May 28
Notification letters sent to parents.  Schools and teachers notified of TAG identifications for TAG Cluster Grouping Model implementation. 

Amy McQueen,
Jan 28, 2013, 1:53 PM