Students and Standards

"In a differentiated classroom, assessment guides practice. Instructional decisions are based not only on what we know about curriculum, but also what we know about the specific students we serve... The Latin root of assessment is "assidere," meaning "to sit beside." This means that assessment is a coaching, nurturing tool. Its emphasis is not so much on documenting deficiencies as it is on shaping our instructional decisions." -Rick Wormeli

Getting to know our students so we can better coach them...

Student Inventory Resources:

On-line Learning Styles Inventory Option 1
On-line Learning Styles Inventory Option 2
On-line Interest Inventory and more
Learning Profile Tools
On-line Hemispheric Inventory
On-line Goal Inventory
Modality Inventory Tool
Personality Tests
On-line Multiple Intelligences Survey
On-line Multiple Intelligences Inventory
Multiple Intelligences Webpage with Inventory Resources

Printable Resources:
Resource Documents from Training