Included in the U.S. Department of Education regulations is the requirement that disabled students be provided with Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). These regulations require identification, evaluation, provision of appropriate services and procedural safeguards. The process is as follows:

Referral Process
Concern is raised that a student with a disability may need special accommodations in order to have equal access to the general education curriculum. This referral for initial evaluation may be initiated by a teacher, counselor, parent, administrator, school nurse, building team or community resource. Notification of Procedural Safeguards is provided to the parents or guardian. Notice must be given to parents when the District acts or refuses to act with respect to identification, evaluation or placement. Parental consent is not required unless the evaluation includes intelligence or personality testing.

Evaluation Process
1. The 504 building representative convenes a group knowledgeable about the student's condition, functioning in the school environment, and the options for accommodations in the building.

2. If the student had been found ineligible for, or no longer meets criteria for IDEA identification and there are concerns that the student may be 504 eligible, the special education team may choose to refer the case to the building 504 Coordinator. An eligibility meeting may then be convened to include a group that is knowledgeable about the student.

3. If the student has been found eligible for IDEA, there is no need to consider 504 eligibility.

Eligibility Process
The 504 eligibility will be determined by a team and recorded on the 504 Eligibility Determination form. If the student is found to require reasonable accommodations, a 504 Accommodations Plan is completed by a team knowledgeable about the student, the evaluation data, and the range of options for accommodations. A case manager will be designated at this time. Copies of the plan and eligibility documentation will go to the school 504 Coordinator and parents/guardians. The student's teacher(s) will receive copies of the 504 Accommodation Plan. The Student Accommodation Plan will be reviewed at least annually. Parent notice of review, for renewal (or dismissal), of 504 eligibility will be provided. If you have any questions, or feel your child may qualify for a 504 plan, please contact the building counselor.